Beginner Surfers

If you have finally picked up surfing as a hobby, you have adopted a healthy and active sport which is still enjoyed as much as it first became popular in the early 19th century. If you are still a beginner at surfing, then these tips will help you get on board and surf like pros in no time.


When you first start surfing, you will have a hard time balancing yourself and will suffer countless falls. Having a soft-top surfboard will help you take the damage and not hurt yourself more. When you are going to take an impact from the board, it better be bearable.

Find less crowded spots

When you are at the learning stage, you do not have to go to the most popular surfing spots. Choose the beaches which are less crowded so that you get enough time and space to practice your surfing while not disturbing the waves for others as well.

Practice before stepping in water

Do not jump into the waters straight away if you want to learn quicker. Start with practising your pop-ups and shuffling your feet. Practice your perfect motion of pop up, and you will be able to do it better when the waves come.

Find your spot

Many surfers prefer to have their sweet spots on the boards. You must have seen surfers paddling too front or too back for speeding up or going slow. This is something that you will get from experience. At first, you will start with the middle, and when you get used to it, you can try out new things.

Find your spot

Take the extra paddle

When you paddle towards the wave, make that extra paddle when the wave lifts you up so that you get that extra velocity, you need to make the drop much easier. Do not fight the wave for it. Find the right time and right push before you pop on the boards to slide down with ease.

Learn to bend the knee

Well, bending the knee here will count. When you are standing, move your knees to balance yourself on the board. Keep your upper body stable. Avoid hunching your back over  as it can bounce you off the board. Your knees will work like shock absorbers and will give you control over your board.

Fall Flat

The best way to fall off a surfboard is falling flat on the seafloor. You will face a lot of falls when you are learning, do not be afraid of it. Avoid diving every time you fall off the board and never dive headfirst. If you are falling, just fall sidewise, and the damage will get distributed. Also, jumping off the board can also add more damage as the surface can be uneven.


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