Need to Know

On this page we will provide access to information relating to issues of interest and concern to surfers. These information links are provided as a public service by the Surf Info Page and while we make every effort to use reliable sources and use due diligence to ensure the authenticity of the information shown no warranty for the quality or accuracy of the information is possible or intended. We will take no stand on issues presented here and advocate only community interest and participation. Got an issue you want aired? See the guidelines for submitting them at the bottom of this page.

Got an issue that you think needs a public airing? We will help publicize issues:

That are relevant to a surfer’s life and lifestyle (beach replenishment yes, rain forest no)
for which sufficient on-line information exists so that a balanced view of both sides or all sides of an issue can be represented.

In most cases we will expect you to help us discover relavent information links, ones that both support and that don’t support your point particular of view.