Duke Storm’s Rolling Surfcast

With a name like Duke Storm there were really only 2 possible career paths from which to choose. Sagely knowing that jobs as a comic book hero would be scarce and hard to come by our Duke did the only sensible thing and took his studies in meteorology. A lifelong love of surfing and long experience practicing the science and art of weather forecasting for a major metropolitan media center has given Duke a unique ability to see our future, to know when we will surf again. In our book that makes him more than a mere forecaster, he’s a downright foresee-er. In a burst of generosity as great as himself Duke has agreed to share that with us by posting his musings on the subject here for all to read and use.



Well our Meso low which formed last night right off the Delmarva, has dumped a couple of inches of snow and left us once agin with a little more swell. The problem going forward over the next couple of days will be the wind. I think we have swell throughout the weekend(although getting progressively smaller), it’s just the North winds. lok for a protected spot and we shall be okay. Even better, trek to S. jersey or Long Island, where local boy Sammy Hammer is rumored to have been killing it yesterday.

The North winds def better on da Island, but I think we may get a little break from the winds by getting on it early b4 the winds start to pick up.

Duke Says: Jerzey Boyz represent!



Kinda a complex forecast developing over the next few days. Much of it depends on the progress and movements of that strengthening and deepening retrograding low. Nomar and I surfed a taste of it yesterday, however it appears that this morning it has backed off a little. But alas! not to fret, cause this one’s gonna be a good one for the Jersey Shore. In fact, I think S. Jersey gets a bigger and more consistant swell. Although S. Jersey will be a bit bigger and likely better, this is also a great swell for the Outer Banks of NC(for our De and VA. Beach readers, your really slotted on this one).

More details: A Overhead East groundswell begins showing later in the day Thursday culminating with very good conditions on Friday. The only fly in the ointment may be the N/Ne winds which are likely to blow at 15-20kts. So, a more protected spot or even a trek to Long Island could be the call.

This one will largely depend on the wind. The swell is here, we just need to find the right sheltered spots.

Duke Says: Bring it!


This one’s for the Jersey Shore!


Well, Long Island had it’s epic late October swell 2004: now it may be New Jersey’s turn! It appears that a very slow moving, deepening and retrograding area of low pressure is forecasted to “sit and spin” offshore and just turn and burn! The building East fetch will continue to pulse in a head high plus swell on Thursday afternoon, with slowly subsiding surf for Friday and Saturday. Still, Friday and Saturday will feature head high plus sets. We will have waves for at least 3, but probably four days!

Best Bets: DP Friday/Saturday

Duke Says: Jerzey Represent!