Surf Towns
Easkey Britton Bundoran

Surfing is a hobby for some, during a sport for the others. You do not even need a built ground to surf. All you need to do is find a beach with big waves and start surfing. While the beaches with big waves can be a little dangerous for beginners, there are plenty of beaches which can serve both the new surfers and the pros. If you are looking for a surfing place for your next vacation, here is a list of the top 5 surf towns.

Canggu, Bali

Indonesia has a lot to offer to travellers from around the world, including surfing. If you get the best surfing experience in Bali, you can join the surfing camps held from April to September, or if you just want to have some fun learning how to surf, you can come anytime during October to March. The Eco beach is the most known surfing beach in Bali.

Canggu, Bali

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has some really nice surfing towns but the one in our list in the Santa Teresa town. This town only became popular for surfing after the year 2000. You can stay at some of the best surfing lodges right at the beach and enjoy nice seafood. Apart from surfing, Santa Teresa also offers snorkelling in the waters and hiking in the rainforests. It is a complete package. You can go around April to October to get the biggest surf.

Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira is a beautiful village located at the north capital Libson which offers a traditional environment with a modern hint. You can enjoy surfing here and have fun with your family around July and August, but if you want to surf with the pros, October and November is the time for you. There are 12 different surf beaches withing 8Kms, and each beach has something different to offer for all types of surfers.

Ericeira, Portugal

Hossegor, France

Hossegor is one of the most known surf towns for pro surfers which is due to so much of the space it offers for each person to surf freely. You can get the most adventure from easy to the board breaking waves. It is one of the reasons why it is a challenge for the pros to complete. You can also do mountain biking and explore the markets for biking and hiking.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

You either catch a flight to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town or make a road trip through one of the most scenic roadways. Jeffreys Bay is one of the best known right-hand surf breaks in the world. It is a place always filled with surfers, wildlife, sunshine, and viewpoints, to see the vast waters. Enjoy your team as a beginner or a pro surfing through the waves and trying out the great cafes and restaurants. March and October is the perfect time to enjoy the best waves.



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